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ha i got your attention didn;t i??? well this is not about sex...

but it is really importent....

my husband wants a divorve...

i love my husband... we have 3 kids (1 12. 1 8 and 1 4) and he left me... he wants to take the kids with him...how do i male this as pianless as possible for both the kids and me... please!!! i really need the help right now!!!Sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?Did you try working it out first ?

Marriage counseling or something else ?

It will never be painless for the kids or you if you still love him.

Was there an issue of cheating or mistrust ?

It is always better to try your best to make things right.Sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
well the sex part def got my attention, you should figure out why he wants the kids, both of you have the right to them unless there is something else, get a lawyer!!!Sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?1st i'd be asking for an honest why. Why does he want a divorce? why does he want the kids. Why can't u work out the problem? Mose d's hapen over money or sex. Or should i say the lack of. well good sex anyway. So ask why.
didn't you ask this question once already. try to work out a comprimise with him or you will have to go to divorce court.Sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?I went through this! It is hard. First, never lie to the kids. Second, Never bash their dad (remember, they don't see his faults). and thirdly, you fight! |Do not let him take the kids, but allow him to see them when he wants. He is going to think that he has as much right to the children as you do, but he don't. Woman always have more rights. Tell him that you are keeping the children in your custody but he is welcome to see or take them whenever he wants. Then call "Legal Aid". They will file your divorce papers for free and their attorney will go to court on your behave. What ever decisions you make do not make them in anger or hurt feelings. Always think of what is in the best interest of the children and go from their. Good luck. Stay strong. Losing the "one you love" is really hard, but as long as you put the kids needs first you will feel better the long run. If you need help contact me. Be strong. Don't let hurt feelings cloud your better judgment.Sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Make sure the kids know it is not there fault. If he doesn't want to work out the problems with you, let him go. You will be miserable fighting to keep him there, plus your children will feel it too. Move slowly and take one day at a time.
work it out with HIMSex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I can relate to your situation.

It all evolves around why your husband wants a divorce.

If you really love him, it may sound crude and blunt, but it works, satisfy his every need.

Even is you are the second-fiddle, even if it means you have to sacrifice your dignity and pride. For the kids, for the sake of "i love my husband".

Don't give up for the sake of "we have 3 kids".

Don't give up your kids!!

Be strong and God Bless.
dont let him take the kids. I havent seen my daughter in three years and I have heard that he has left the country with her. men are evil vindictive bastards when they want to be. So the only way to control the amount of pain you feel is to be in control. If he wants to leave let him. it is still your family. Stand your ground and know that you are a strong and confident mother. You can raise them just fine without him. And dont forget that if he gets the kids he also gets you to pay support. Think things through and get a lawyer to help with the details.
Thats really hard to answer for you, the decision and outcome of ur problem has to be decided among you and your husband. Communication adn compromise is #1 work on that. Why does he want the kids? dont give up, joint custody will be best but first talk to one another w/o arguments. Good luck
well if your on the computer writing to get answers from strangers.. maybe its not that important to you. Go and talk to him and figure it all out!!!!
Why does he want to take the kids?
Get off the computer and go talk to your husband.
let him have 'em and adopt 3 other ones


If i have sex with my boyfriend will I fall pregnant every timeSex.........?No, every time you have unprotected sex, you aren't becoming pregnant with another child. If you are pregnant and you have sex you'll still only have one child.

If you don't want to become pregnant, he either needs to wear a condom, you need to go on birth control, or you do both. And not only will using a condom protect you from unwanted pregnancy, but it will help prevent STD's and HIV/AIDS from being transfered.

You obviously need some more sex education. I highly suggest you stop having sex and educate yourself a bit more.

Sex can be very dangerous if you are not educated and prepared.

Please do yourself a favour and ALWAYS use a condom no matter what the guy says or how heated up you are. 5 seconds to slip something on or change your life forever ...

getting pregnant isnt the only thing that can happen to you from having sex ... STD ... AIDS ...Sex.........?u wont fall pregnant every time..... how old are you? theres chances of getting pregnant but most of the time you wont. if u want to make sure u wont get pregnant ask your doctor for birth control pills or use a condom. if u really have to ask i dont think ur old enough... it sounds like ur twelve....sorry
go to your doctor and tell him you need birth control. Or use a condom - then you won't get pregnant. If you are worried about this then don't have sex - you don't have to have sex to have a good relationship with someone.Sex.........?If you do not know the answer to this Question you are to young to have sex. Find something else to occupy your time and dont let any guy push you in to the ultimate decision of your life........Sex.........?
nah maybe but nah yeah okay nah ... rank
you sound young use protection and you will be okSex.........?
no not if he wears a condom


hmm i no this might seem like a gay question but like me and my friend wanna noo. (were 15)

When u have sex for the first time. what does the pain feel like???? can u describe the pain.


thanx =]Sex??????????????????the pain feels a bit like a sharp burning sensation.. imagine trying to stretch a small space to fit something big in it. the pain varies though from person to person. some of my friends say it felt more like a dull ache than a sharp pain. it's not entirely bad pain though. if that makes sense.. it can also feel good at the same time.Sex??????????????????
Hey girls. Well honestly its different for every person so theres really no way that anyone can tell you BUT kinda feels like a burning or a tearing (theres a piece of flesh inside your vagina that gets torn when you have sex for the first time.) Also, (don't know if you guys know this or not but you might,) you'll probably bleed afterwards. Not trying to sound like a mother hen or anything but if one or both of you is thinking about having sex do be very careful and please - please use protection. Good luck girls, hope I was helpful :)Sex??????????????????Nice try Dateline!
The first time is scary your gonna get yourselfs all worked up yea its scary but fun confused love its so many emotions you just have to experince it but from a mom wait your to young please wait on love i know you think your in love but your only 15 gee hun experince life first!!Sex??????????????????It's not a "gay" question. No question is gay and it's immature to describe something as "gay" when you mean to say its odd.

That being said, some women do feel pain when having sex for the first time due to the fact that they are rupturing a thin membrane called the hymen which is located at the front of the vagina. Some women break it earlier in their lives when riding horses/bikes or doing other physical activities.Sex??????????????????
I'm 15 to but the pain is different for everyone but if you don't have fast sex and if the guy is gentle and you really love him then it might not hurt at all and afterwards u may see some blood that's normal.

But if the guy isn't gentle at all and you don't love him you just want to have sex to be cool then it will hurt and be painful.

My advice make sure you truly love that special someone best time to have sex is when your married then you know for sure you love that special person and want to spend the rest of your life with them.

I'm 15 too and no i never had sex but my mom is a nurse and so she basically knows and she helps women giving birth every day so STAY SAFE!!
it didnt hurt for me at allSex??????????????????
It depends on the person, I think. For some girls, it will hurt like heck! For other girls, they won't feel it as much. It also depends on the guy. :P
I'm going to assume that you are both girls. Not sure that there is any single answer to your question as it depends on a number of things..

How sensitive you are

How good a partner you have (chances are if he is of a similar age, probably not that great. I realize that's a generalization but it's unlikely he will have had a great deal of experience).

No 2 women feel pain the same way.

Hope that helps some.

Let me just say don't rush into sex. I'm not gonna preach and say you should wait till you are married but there is no rush.
dont you have an older sister you can ask?
its different for each person, it may feel like stretching, which causes a little burning.....
hon, it depends on several things, it can be perfectly painless, or hurt a lot

depends on how relaxed you are, and how experienced he is, etc

don't worry about it. when the time is right, it will be worth it.
it feels like a tear, but that's only if you're not relax. he needs to be gentle
I think y'all shouldn't be thinking or wondering about sex @ your age, Okay. Like you said, your young, just too young. I'm not saying that your not suppose to think about, but not so much that you have to ask at least 17 or 18. You know thinking about it leads to the real thing. I always say don't get a boyfriend,girls, because their going to want to french kiss you with their dirty mouth. Then their going to want to have sex, then you'll get pregnant, probably drop out, abortion, adaption. Think about the possibilities baby.
It really depends on every girl. All girls bodies are different. Some girls it could hurt really bad and you could bleed but some girls don't even feel pain. Your way too young to start anyhow. Your first time should be with your husband and it won't hurt if your married.
ah.. hmmm they say that it will bleed in the first time but still depend on the person. Its kinda extracting pain down there.
Hey it didn't hurt me because I used tampons
It feels like a big thing is going inside a very tight place....Honest thats how it feels.

By the way you won't even notice when it bleeds (if it bleeds). But then again everyone is different.
You shouldn't be discussing sex when you are only 15 years old. But to answer the first time its pain for the girl and pleasure for the guy.
it hurts bad. it feels like a rip and something big going into something so little. if you stay relaxed then it wont hurt as much
Odds are if the guy is gentle and goes slowly it won't be too painful. If your hymen is still intact there will be blood, some girls feel it hurts some girls down. It also depends on the girth (thickness) and length of his penis.

Don't worry about the pain, if you and your boyfriend do it slowly and ease into it, maybe using fingers before his penis, it will be more enjoyable then anything you've ever known.
the only way to explan it is if you do it. try use a toy and you know how it feels.
My girl said it hurt for a few seconds and then it started feeling good. it wasnt terrible i guess. im not a girl so i dont know but i was watching her and it didnt seem so bad. i think the pleasure would make it worth it.
Feel it and Taste it
i dont feel like gettin a violation so im not touchin this
As long as you are really where you need to be - like you are really into it, and you are relaxed enough, and he is gentle enough, it should not be anything more than a little uncomfortable - if that. You just most definitely have to be into it so that you are wet enough - you can always use the KY stuff too - to help out.
it really depends on the girl and guy physically but if not imagine well tearing would be the only way to describe the pain but it lessens as you go and by the end it will be gone but expect to be sore
There is no pain. only pleasure.
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  • Sex ...............?

    ive had sex 1ce ....yea yea ..

    and it wasnt so great but after that ive alwasy wanted to

    do it again and again but i dnt know who ....

    i have alot of opstions trust me ...

    but i dnt wanna seem like a wore ...

    so who are my best choices. ....

    help!!!Sex ...............?stop planning for it.

    wait. date. have fun. and in due time, it will happen naturally, in the right place, the right time, the right mood, and most important, with the right guy.Sex ...............?Start with Pleasuring Yourself to find out how to achieve an Orgasm

    How often should you have sex when you're married?

    I'm planning on getting married and I want to know how often should you have sex?How often should you have sex when you're married?You should have it as often as you feel like you want to. If one of you wants it and the other doesn't, then you should talk about it and hopefully come to a quick conclusion so that one or the other isn't forced. I figure 4 times a week should be good enough. But then again, if you and your soon to be spouse is wanting it more or less than that, it's fine too. Good luck!How often should you have sex when you're married?
    **Most of the other answers here are all correct... I agree with them** However... it is a problem already if you are looking to other people to determine a number.

    If you want the man's answer, it's about 6 times a week. That means 5 days of one time, another day it's twice in the same day, and then on one day he gets to wack off to porn. That's about the ideal combo. Well... except on a few of the single days he might also wack off for a second time.

    If you want the women's answer... it's probably some sort of rationing technique, like the same diagnosis that the UN uses to decide if, when, where, and how the helicopters are going to drop food and water supplies in the Congo.

    If You Are Out Of Touch With Your Feelings And Have To Ask This Question, I Just About Guarantee That You Are Going To Have Problems.How often should you have sex when you're married?....................../麓炉/)





    ........('(...麓...麓.... 炉~/'...')


    ..........''...\.......... _.路麓


    Have sex with you man almost as often as he want's it. Most of the men I see don't have sex with their wives very often. It is the number one reason they spend time with me.How often should you have sex when you're married?That's an individual choice. Some people are going to want sex daily and some can make do nicely with sex a couple times a week. Probably the best things is about the same as your spouse.How often should you have sex when you're married?
    At least three or four times a week, it tapers off as you get older, but in the beginning, it should be this or more.
    Whenever she wants.How often should you have sex when you're married?
    as many times a week that we're not ******* behind his back.
    3 times a wekk have some fun with it :)
    At least twice a week.
    at least once or more a day

    How effective is having sex while your on the pill and use a condom?

    I have been on the pill (Lo estrogen 24) for about two and a half weeks but when me and my boyfriend had sex I had been on birth control for about two weeks. He used a condom and I expect my next period on August 2nd. What's the chance of me being pregnant?How effective is having sex while your on the pill and use a condom?If you weren't using condoms it's better to have taken the pill for a month or two before you have unprotected sex, but since you did use one and had some level of pill protection in your body there's a very low chance that you'll fall pregnant, if the condom didn't break and no pre-ejaculate from your boyfriend's penis came into contact with your vagina before he put the condom on.

    Good on you for taking precautions!How effective is having sex while your on the pill and use a condom?
    Very low, provided you have taken your pill at a regular time and the condom was used properly. Don't worry about it!How effective is having sex while your on the pill and use a condom?Very slim as long as the condom was used properly and there were no holes or tears. Just make sure if you decide to not use a condom you wait until after you've been on your birth control for one full cycle.
    Wow. If you are pregnant, that kid will be born wearing armor!How effective is having sex while your on the pill and use a condom?It's almost impossible for you to be pregnant if you take the pill and use a condom. Don't worry about it, it would be miraculous if you were actually pregnant!How effective is having sex while your on the pill and use a condom?
    The pill works really good dont wory
    NO. because your using condom and pill at the same time.How effective is having sex while your on the pill and use a condom?
    I was on the pill and using condoms but I ama currently pregnant with my second baby.
    hard to say but your supposed to be on the pill atleast a month before it takes full effect. so you need to ask how effective is my condom. and to answer that you take 100 couples and they all have sex. 2 of the women will get pregnant. just pray you arent one of the 2.
    it takes about a month for the pill to be REALLY effective... then your body is use to it, anything before then is risky, BUT you did use a condom too which helps ALOT, when changing pills i wait a month a half to be very sure my body is adjusted...good advise, but condom too, you will be fine girl

    What sign is more likely to need sex? what sign is more likely to be able to be completely celebate?

    What sign is more likely to need sex the most? What sign could go years without being intimate? Also in your own opinion what sign in mars has the greatest sex drive, and what sign in venus do you find to be most romantic.What sign is more likely to need sex? what sign is more likely to be able to be completely celebate?I do not care what sign you are. EVERYONE needs sex. It is human nature to want genital to genital contact with the opposite sex. Astrologically, since Scorpio rules the genitals, they would need sex more.

    Being celibate is EXTREMELY difficult. It could cause extreme irritability and moodiness. Since Virgo is the virgin, I would say they would be able to handle celibacy.

    Scorpio and Aries Mars, stereotypically, have the highest sex drive. The most romantic Venus is in Pisces.

    Pisces Sun

    Sagittarius Moon

    Gemini RisingWhat sign is more likely to need sex? what sign is more likely to be able to be completely celebate?
    I have Scorpio in Sun AND Mars, %26amp; I'm still a proud virgin. I don't plan on looking for sex in the future but if it happens, it happens. I definitely don't NEED it.

    Just saying since scorpios are the ones that usually get the sex-related stereotypes.

    My only friends that are also virgins is a Cancer %26amp; LibraWhat sign is more likely to need sex? what sign is more likely to be able to be completely celebate?Need sex= definitely a Sagittarian for sure :-P

    Any sign can be very sexual though.What sign is more likely to need sex? what sign is more likely to be able to be completely celebate?
    Need sex - Capricorn, Scorpio

    Celebate - VirgoWhat sign is more likely to need sex? what sign is more likely to be able to be completely celebate?Sagittarius needs sex

    Virgo can go celebateWhat sign is more likely to need sex? what sign is more likely to be able to be completely celebate?
    This thing is not only on sign but there is a work star cast